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Over the years, the Theater has collected, arranged and performed over 40 ceremonial songs, and created many unique Royal dance performances such as: Luc offering flower lanterns, Female generals marching out of the army, Lan Mau appearing Lan Nhi... . Typical Royal Opera excerpts from the plays Son Hau, Tam Nu Do Vuong, Quan Phuong Tap Khanh. In addition, the Theater also participates in many domestic and international festivals and art festivals, achieving many achievements and awards. Along with performances at theaters such as: Duyet Thi Duong, Minh Khiem Duong... NT Theater - TTCD is continuing its career of researching, preserving and promoting Hue Royal Art heritage for artists. next generation, while promoting and meeting the public's increasing demand for art enjoyment. Coming to the performance program of the NT Theater - Hue Community Center, people seem to be reliving in the cultural and artistic space of the Hue Imperial Palace hundreds of years ago. Ancient palaces and moss-covered citadels seem to be revived and immersed in sound and color: brilliant yet solemn, majestic yet lyrical.

1. Unit name: Hue Royal Traditional Arts Theater.

2. Management level: Hue Ancient Capital Conservation Center.

3. Year of establishment: 1994.Decided by Hue Central Committee (Establishment decision of T.T.Hue Province: April 1, 2006).

4. Area of operation: Domestic and International.

5. Functions and tasks:
- Preserving and promoting various types of Hue Royal art (Nguyen Dynasty).
- Collecting, researching, training, staging and performing works: Court music, Royal song and dance and Royal opera.