trung tâm bảo tồn di tích cố đô huế nhà hát nghệ thuật truyền thống cung đình huế

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12/26/2023 8:06:28 AM
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Two Hue Royal Theater artists were honored by the Union of Cultural Artists (Gugak Masters Inc).
Accordingly, People's Artist Phan Thi Bach Hac - the current Director of The Theatre Of Hue Traditional And Royal Art and Artist Huynh Duc Tien - current musician at Hue Royal Art Theater was sponsored by the Union of Cultural Artists (Gugak Masters Inc). of Korea as "Court Music Artist - Gugak Master".

The Gugak Masters Designation Project seeks to elevate the status of artists, artisans and cultural communities who have made significant contributions to traditional music and craftsmanship at national and international levels. Selection criteria emphasize the excellence in skill and mastery, creativity and innovation, as well as dedication to education and mentoring. Selected court music artisans will cooperate with cultural artisans to promote and innovatively develop the intangible heritage of the global cultural village.

Along with 2 artisans from Hue - Vietnam, four other artisans from other Asian countries were also honored, including: Ms. Sruti Respati from Indonesia; Mr. Abdulhamit Raimbergenov from Kazakhstan; Ms. Mohichehra Shamurotova and Mr. Bakhshiqul Togaev from Uzbekistan.


People's Artist Phan Thi Bach Hac and Artist Huynh Duc Tien were honored by Gugak Masters Inc as a pride of Hue and the whole country.