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  • Hue where the secrets of the old imperial palace are kept and where Mr Tran Kich, one of the two last instrumentalists of Nguyen dynasty, is maintaining the Nha Nhac quintessences bequeathed by ancestors. At the age 87, in stead of enjoying family happiness, he is still absorbed in his work, despite his health and his old age. Everyday he rides an old bicycle through the familiar roads leading to the Art College, Cultural And Artistic College, Phu Xuan Artistic Club and The Theatre Of Hue Traditional And Royal Art in order to teach Nha Nhac students musical scales such as Cong - Xe - Su - Xang ( a Nha Nhac notation equivalent to Do - Re - Mi - Pha of the western one ). Moreover, he also went on tour in Korea, Japan, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland for the purpose of promoting Nha Nhac
  • At the night of June 29th, at Hue Citadel, Hue Monuments Conservation Center organized the art program "The Royal Palace of Harmony". This is an art program in the series of activities of Hue Festival 2022 week, which was performed very successfully by artists from the Theater Of Hue Traditional And Royal Arts. Hue Imperial Palace was the center of the main court, the living place of the emperor and the royal family of the Nguyen Dynasty. At that time, the melodious of Nha Nhac spread throughout the ancient majestic castles and shrines. That timbre depends on court ceremonies in the capital that spread further and further. Based on ancient materials, the art program "The Royal Palace of Harmony" is a combination of tradition and modernity in the Hue royal palace space, the program brings to the audience artistic repertoires consisting of classical royal dance and Nha Nhac, such as: ...
  • Tet is a big traditional holiday in our country with many traditional and meaningful customs. Under the Nguyen Dynasty, Tet was considered one of the biggest holidays of the year, and the royal court celebrated Tet with many solemn ceremonies.